I make the music you need.


Circa 2007, G.O.D.Sent has been writing, recording, & performing Hip Hop music and sharing the message of peace, hope, and redemption found in a relationship with God because of the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He has collaborated with artists such as The Ambassador & Phanatik of The Cross Movement, God’s Servant of LampMode Recordings, Datin of G.O.M., K-Drama, Disciple, Indigo, Young Joshua, 4 Trinity, Ruth Vega, and more! He’s performed and ministered in various cities throughout the United States, several music festivals including FlavorFest in Tampa twice, and St. Marc, Haiti. His music has been featured on Rapzilla, JamTheHype, and WJTL 90.3FM in Lancaster, PA.

With his fifth studio album available now on iTunes and www.godsenthiphop.com, G.O.D.Sent has made his mark in Hip Hop. His latest release entitled “Christ In A Hip Hopper” gives us a clear view of his heart, his mission, and his diverse style. 

When he is not on the road, he is primarily a committed husband, an intentional father, and active church member in Lancaster, PA. He also works in inner-city schools to teach teens how to write and record music while giving them life lessons along the way.

Musical Influences include Phanatik, The Ambassador, Beautiful Eulogy, R-Swift, and Shai Linne, as well as The Roots, Nas, Eminem, and Mos Def. Jeo Ramos, the voice of G.O.D.Sent, grew up listening to rap in the 90's, so most of his sound is reminiscent of that time, however, G.O.D.Sent has developed a unique sound while still adapting to Hip Hop's current styles. You can always expect bold statements, witty word-play, and thought-provoking concepts over hard-hitting beats. Many have also commented that he delivers his lyrics clearly and can easily communicate to whatever crowd is before him making his audience very diverse and receptive.

Spiritual influences include The Bible (should go without saying but we think that in today's climate, it needs to be said), his mentor Los Morales, John Piper, William Branch, Brady Goodwin, Tony Merida, and Clint Darst. Jeo did not come in to the faith with a healthy understanding of the Gospel. Through his first years following Jesus, his recent pastor Los (who also did Hip Hop ministry in the late 90's/early 2000's) walked with him in discipleship. This gave Jeo a hunger for God's Word so he spent some time studying at Lancaster Bible College, subscribing to pastors who were preaching the Bible, and studying God's Word for himself.

His live performance is very well-thought out and executed. Without a doubt, he delivers his songs and messages with much passion, conviction, and excellence together with a live deejay and a drummer. After almost ten years writing, recording, and performing, being mentored, studying, and seeking the Lord; his craft is definitely matured and proven to be deserving of an audience.